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Gig 29.04.2017 // Gotthard Bar

Friends from near and far!
Thank you for the great evening! It was a real pleasure and great fun to play for you, dance with you, drink and shake with you. Thank you for your support in every way.
We are working on our own songs and hopefully soon be able to show (again) to you!

Thanks to Mad Mike & Crew for the great music, the Gotthard-Bar-Crew...

stay nice //

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Gig 3. Nov. 2016 // MontBlack Cocktail Bar, Zurich

Dear friends!

Thank you for another wonderful evening! Thanks to the MontBlack Crew for a superb service and great company. Thank you Sandra & Fafa for the poster and fotos. Thanks to all the ladies in the first row and beyond. Thanks to all the men with a smile and shaking legs. Thanks to music a godly gift... etc... etc... etc.. //

see you hopefully soon again... we will let you know... yeah...

if you wanna book us or give us some ideas where to play do not hesitate to contact us: - cheers.

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